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Welcome to Vivaleur. It’s a different kind of creative services company.

I launched Vivaleur to help bloggers and small business owners just like you — publishers and entrepreneurs that have amazing ideas, creativity, and passion, and want to build a site that reflects it.

My own journey from newbie to full time blogger/entrepreneur is pretty typical. I started my blog, vmac+cheese, in the summer of 2008, when I didn’t know where my career path was going and I desperately needed a creative outlet to share stories and inspiration. Fast forward to the winter of 2011, and I realized as much as I loved putting together a good product roundup, I was equally as passionate about sharing the knowledge I’d gained, designing websites, and helping bloggers navigate this crazy industry we’ve found ourselves in, however and wherever I could.

Today, Vivaleur offers a myriad of services geared towards helping lifestyle and style bloggers make the most of their sites. Whether you need a little advice, or your blog needs a total overhaul, Vivaleur can help. I also love working with small businesses — after all, I’m one too! — and can work with your company on branding, logo creation, site design, and even marketing collateral. Additionally, Vivaleur offers wedding and personal greeting graphic design.

When I’m not busy blogging, designing, or chatting with fellow bloggers over Skype, you can find me hanging out with my husband Joe and our sweet French bulldog Lucy in New York City. Shoot me a note here. I’d love to meet you!


  • LOVES: temperatures that hint at spring…
  • WISHES: she could escape to France for a few weeks…or months.
  • INSPIRED BY: The whimsical, feminine art by Jason Brooks. Just lovely!